IE Browsing is Slow - Internet Explorer Software Maintenance

  1. FYI- MSN is an extremely chunky page and terrible for a startup page. I’d suggest for your startup page.  Can make MSN a favorite button if you like going to that site.  Otherwise choose a startup page that is light on the graphics or startup with a blank page.
  1. Go to Computer and right click on Local Disk C, then Properties.
  1. Click Tools tab; then click Check now… button. First checkbox should be selected when little window pops up to Automatically fix…
  1. Click Start and agree to run next time system restarts.
  1. Restart and ensure Error Checking runs on drive C.
  1. Try browsing, if still slow:
  1. You need to empty Browsing history cached files; from Internet Explorer go to Internet Options via the tools menu or you click on the little sprocket top right.  Third row of buttons from the bottom of Internet Options click on Delete button and the Delete Browsing History window pops up.  Check ONLY the first two checkboxes, uncheck any others, then click Delete.
  1. Restart browser and test.  If that doesn’t do it then you have some corrupt browser add-ons.
  1. Test your Internet connection by doing a speed test: or  You should see area results should always exceed 10Mbps or browsing will be slower.
  1. If speed is ok, but browser is still messed up we need to reset browser:
  1. Back to Internet Options as we did above in step 2; then click on Advanced tab (top row); then click Reset button and approve all actions.
Reboot and try again.  You should be good now.  As always you use our advice at your own risk and cost.