Removing IE 11 on your machine

IE 11 is causing all kinds of reported and observed anomolies and dysfunctional behaviors.

The solution is to go to Control Panel, click the link on the left View installed updates, then scroll down to Microsoft Windows, Click IE 11 .... then click Uninstall and follow prompts.  You'll need to reboot to complete.  The end result SHOULD be you are running the previous version you had installed.

How to prevent automatic installation of new IE:

1. If you have IE 10 you can go to Tools (sprocket icon), About Internet Explorer and Uncheck the checkbox that says Automatically Install New Versions of Internet Expolorer.

2. If you now have IE 9 you'll have to run Windows Update or Microsoft Update manually until you are presented the option to update Internet Explorer 11 and right click then click on "Hide Update".